Conference timetable


Place: Kraków, Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Chemistry, Gronostajowa 2

Date: 15-16 November 2019


Friday 15th of November, room A0-01a

8.30-9.00 – Registration

9.00-9.45 – Opening/History

Piotr Laidler – Jagiellonian University Internationalization Committee

Claudine Kieda, Karol Musioł – Starting cooperation between University of Orleans and Jagiellonian University

Józef Dulak  – International Associated Laboratory, LIA

Grażyna Stochel, Olivier Martin -Double Diploma in Chemistry

9.45-11.15 – Scientific presentation – Session I (joint projects between UO & JU) Chairman: Piotr Laidler

 9.45-10.00     Claudine Kieda “Our common participation in the study of the role of physioxia/hypoxia in pathologies”

10.00-10.15     Józef Dulak “microRNAs – from cancer to dystrophy”

10.15-10.30     Estelle Gallienne, Olivier Martin “Iminosugars: natural sugar mimics with remarkable biological properties”

10.30-10.45     Grażyna Stochel Scientific projects in Chemistry – Orleans and Krakow cooperation overview

10.45-11.15 – Coffee break (registration)

11.15-13.05 – Scientific presentation – Session II (joint projects between UO & JU) Chairman: Claudine Kieda

11.15-11.30     Chantal Pichon RNA based-therapeutics

11.30-11.45     Tadeusz Sarna Photoaging of melanin pigments increases their phototoxic potential

11.45-12.00     Stephane Petoud  “Design, Synthesis, Photophysical Analysis and Test of Near-infrared Emitting lanthanide Molecules and Nanomaterials for Biological Research and Medical Diagnostic

12.15-12.30     Joanna Cichy “Role of protein SLPI in inflammatory skin disease-psoriasis

12.30-12.45     Richard Daniellou Glycosylate-Me: from gene to crystal structure and biocatalysts

12.45-13.00     Katarzyna Miękus “Molecular background of inflammation related diseases

13.00-14.15     Lunch/Poster session

14.15-15.30     Opportunities for Polish students and researchers – presentations of French Institutes, support from French Embassy. Chairman: Józef Dulak

14.15-14.30     ICOA: Olivier Martin, Richard Daniellou

14.30-14.45     CBM: Chantal Pichon, Stephane Petoud

14.45-15.00     GREMI: Stephane Pellerin, CEMHTI: Nadia Pellerin

15.00-15.15     Campus France: Michał Zięba

15.15-15.30      LE STUDIUM Loire Valley: Aurélien Montagu

15.30-16.05 – Testimonies of former students Chairman: Richard Daniellou

Biotechnology: double diploma/PhD program Agata Szade, Artur Biela

Chemistry: double diploma/PhD program– Anna Biela, Anna Wądołek, Louis Gadina

16.05-17.15 – Scientific presentation – Session III (joint projects between UO & JU) Chairman: Karol Musioł

16.05-16.25     Stephane Pellerin, Krzysztof Dzierżęga “LIBS – challenges and perspectives”    

16.25-16.45      Nadia Pellerin, Krzysztof Dzierżęga “Glasses for photonic and environmental applications

16.45-17.00     Michał Sarna  “Presence of melanin induces hypoxia in melanoma tumors and inhibits formation of blood vessels leading to elevated tumor necrosis

17.00-17.15     Małgorzata Brindell The quest for hypoxia sensitive compounds

17.15-18.15Poster session  and discussion with students/ coffee break

19.00 – Invited dinner


Saturday 16th of November


 9.30-10.30      Individual meetings between scientists (discussion about future cooperation)

10.30-11.30     Polish departments/institutes presentations, visiting laboratories

11.30-12.30     Round table discussion